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Mon, 28th of July



It’s Alphacolour ✌,respect my work and give like/reblog in the post,please! I hope you enjoy !


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Mon, 28th of July


theme 22 by caskisses

static preview | code

  • 8 custom links (you don’t have to use all of them, though)
  • hover tags
  • any sized sidebar image
  • 500px posts
  • custom cursor (some here)
  • custom background 
  • custom hover tags
  • optional banner on the top (some here)
  • optional cursor sparkles
  • optional infinite scroll
  • optional lazy load
  • optional scroll to top button (some here)
  • optional blurry links on hover
  • optional falling images (some here)

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Mon, 28th of July

photoshopastel PSD 51. Work well in every picture. You can adjust the layers as much as you want. You might have to adjust the opacity. Please like or reblog if you download. -dl

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Mon, 28th of July


  • coloringx0010 by troianps; like or reblog if you download [x]
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Mon, 28th of July


☛ psd081 by growhicons 

  • PLEASE LIKE OR REBLOG IF U SAVE! (likes inspire me to make more)
  • download: mf
  • ♡ hope u like guys ♡
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Mon, 28th of July


.psd #028, if you download, like or reblog. download here
 You can request more psds here
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Mon, 28th of July


Hello! This is psd number 274 by vannilapsds, maybe you’ll have to adjust some layers, you can request at ask, we hope you enjoy! (xx)

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Mon, 28th of July


PSD 02 by illusionps. Don’t claim as your own, like or reblog this post. Thank you and ENJOY!! {download}

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Mon, 28th of July

Psd.73 by selectionps.You can modify all layers if you need.Like or reblog if yousave, it’s very important to work.Download here ♥ Enjoy

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Mon, 28th of July

PSD 63 BY WOLFIEPSDS. You can find more psds here. My resources are totally free for you, so please if you make download, like the post. 


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