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Mon, 20th of October

.psd file made by bettedot. thank you so much for 2k followers! because of that i’m sharing my new coloring. this .psd file contains the psd + a b&w option. [d o w n l o a d]

this psd will look nice in light scenes, try to avoid dark scenes and the coloring will look nice. Like or reblog if you download it, be honest.

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Mon, 20th of October


Hi guys, this is the psd #226 made by holepsds. It’s totally free and made for you, the only thing i ask is your like in respect of my work. You can adjust all the layers if you need. Download here.

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Mon, 20th of October



It’s Alphacolour ✌,respect my work and give like/reblog in the post,please! I hope you enjoy !


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Mon, 20th of October


✰ coloring by selcoloring {DL}
hey guys! what's up? this is coloring number eight made by selcoloring! please, respect our work and don't claim this coloring as yours. And we will really appreciate if you give like or reblog if you downloaded this. Kisses
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Mon, 20th of October


theme 38: moonlight; by primrosetylers

[static preview] : download from [pastebin] [freetexthost]

  • Please like or reblog if using
  • Sticky menu bar and slide down menu
  • Options for 250px, 400px, and 500px post sizes (make sure you’ve only selected one of the options; otherwise the theme will be messed up). The option you choose also controls the size of your title and description (they will resize to match your post size)
  • Option: a cute, tiny cursor, show captions, show tags, infinite scroll
  • Tooltips and quick reblog
  • Custom colors
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Mon, 20th of October


PSD 003 BY DAILYCOLORING ; Give a like/reblog if you’re downloading. Adjust Layers as you like But Don’t Steal Or Redistribute as your own!.Enjoy [CLOUD APP]

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Mon, 20th of October

funcoloring: psd 145

A bright vibrant PSD that works on all kinds of pictures. You may need to adjust the selective color layer. 

It comes with B&W option. 

Download (like/reblog if you use)

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Sun, 19th of October

COURAGE, DEAR HEART ― theme #09 by theirins

  • 500px posts
  • 400px option
  • 3 custom links
  • font option
  • color options

static preview, get the code

COVERED IN GOLD ― theme #10 by theirins

  • 500px posts
  • 400px option
  • 3 custom links
  • color options

static preview, get the code

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Sun, 19th of October

Psd effect make by Lily - Number 114. First, thank u for choice us. Well, now if you make the download this psd please, give the like or reblog. You can delete or ajust some layers if necessary. Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. And again, thank u and enjoy. Make the download here.

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Sun, 19th of October


✩ psd by colringporn ♥ download

  • this is psd 512
  • please do not pass on this psd, gave work to do
  • Like or else give reblog, be honest and always give proper credit
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