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psd by ßreakeditions {{and a isolate!(for individual use)}} so much resources for you  。◕ϖ◕。 all our resources are free, so please like/reblog the post. we do all the resources for you so respect and don’t respost or claim as your own ( or i will kill you ☠ , hahaha just kidding ♡ ) . your like/reblog inspire us to much more ↬ ♣download♣

 any questions just ask here 


Gradient PSD-Includes 8 colours. Please like or reblog if you download.



PSD19 by ShesFloridian

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Interviews psd by morgrana

additional layers if the outcome is too pink/dark

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wolfcoloring psd69 ◕‿◕✿

  • do not redistribute or claim as your own.
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Action + psd  by worldcolorings

This is a very simple action for pictures . I use in my edits, It works in everything.The psd has a pinkish effect, maybe you will have to adjust some layers . Please like or reblog if you download .



psd543 by colorfulps | download

→ it is too bright then I guess you need adjust the brightness layer. Please like or reblog this post if you download! Do not redistribute and claim as your own.



Download: [X]

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Cheerio PSD #43 - 

Works on all Glee scenes but made for 5x06.
Includes black and white gradient.
Contains vibrance.
Adjust layers.
Do not steal or claim as your own!
Please like or reblog if using.